Monday, November 14, 2011

Run Happy, simple right?

People always tell me that I look happy in races: smiling at the start, 30-miles in, 80-miles in during the night being poured on by rain and tromping through mud, then more than a day later still smiling at the finish. I always tell people that running should be fun and that if they ever see me running and I do not look happy, tell me and I will stop running. I plan on doing this running thing for the next several decades: having the pleasure of seeing some awesome trails, meeting some new friends, seeing old friends and eating some great food along the way. The way I see it I am given the privilege of running, when I race or go for a run I am not running because I HAVE to run, but rather because I GET to run, so why wouldn't that put a smile on my face?

Welcome to the blog, hope I do not disappoint.

Run Happy.

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  1. I have often said the exact same thing (I stole it from somebody, I think)--I GET to run, I don't have to. It's my good fortune and I too try to be happy about it every step of the way, because not everyone has this opportunity and I may not have it forever either. Great way to look at it.