Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks Kate's!

I had wanted to wait to say anything official on here until they had had time to update their website and everything. So...

I would like to formally say thank you to Kate's Real Foods for bringing me on board with their company as my first real sponsor (besides Syracuse Bicycle of Syracuse, NY, but I also work there...). I am very excited to be involved with this awesome company for the upcoming year of racing. If you are not aware of this company you should definitely look into them and give them a try.
I found out about Kate’s, because the bicycle shop I work at (Syracuse Bicycle, Syracuse, NY) started carrying their bars after my boss Paul got samples from their company and loved them. Our shop staff loved the samples and I must say that another shop employee and I have bought a large portion of the shipment that the shop ordered, because we enjoyed the samples so much. Of course we also have the bars at the counter and have been telling customers how much we like them when they inquire about them, so we have been selling a lot of them that way as well.
 Kate’s is a very unique sports nutrition and I think that its sets itself apart from its competitors, because they offer a product that is great on many levels; first, it actually tastes good, you would think that this would just be a given for products of sports nutrition companies in general, but I can definitely say that some products are better than others and Kate’s bars are something that tastes great. I have had the chance to use Kate’s on some longer training runs recently and I can tell that they are something that I would eat any point during a race, which is not easily done. In a race sometimes certain foods are just not appealing once you are so many miles into a race, but Kate’s bars are something that I don’t hesitate to grab for unlike some foods that lose their luster as it gets to the later stages of a run or race.
Also, I like that Kate’s bar are a lot of quality calories for the size, 260-360 calories for 2.2-3oz bar is awesome. Getting a the most bang for your buck in a bar is import when you have to carry food on you during a race or on a run you need to make the most of your carrying space (like in my favorite Nathan Sports #028 vest) and I really appreciate the use of dark chocolate, it hits the spot [see Kate’s Grizzly Bar. Awesome name, right?]. I also highly like that the bars work well in the cold, which is a food quality that most people don’t get when I mention it, but I do most of my training for the year in November-January when I am not racing, so it is important to have something that is still edible in the cold. Plus, I have my normal winter 100-mile in Buffalo, NY, where it is usually 20-30 degree and 1-2 feet of snow, so whether or not a food works in the cold is important to me.
Finally, as a kid from rural NY whose neighbors are all farms I can really see how the overall quality of a food has a lot to do with the quality of ingredients used to make it.
I highly suggest picking up some of their bars if you have the mean, because you will not be disappointed. If you want to learn more about what they are about visit them online, or if you are local by me stop in the shop and say “Hi.”

So, no one worry, I will be well fueled for my runs in 2012 thanks to you guys. 
Thanks, Kate’s!

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