Monday, November 14, 2011

2012 Race Schedule (a lot choices still to make)

I have outlined my 2012 proposed race schedule in an attached document. I am basically I am looking to complete as many 100-mile runs as I can feasibly do in the next calendar year (hopefully at least six). I have several of them what I will be or hopefully will be returning to for my second (NJ 100, Philly 100, Burning River 100,), third (Beast Summer 100, Beast Winter 100), fourth (Virgil Crest 100) or even sixth time (VT 100). This will be my third year at the McNaughton in Vermont 200-mile run; the first year in 2010 I only did the 100-mile; second year in 2011 I did 155-miles without sleeping and this coming year I will be going back to get it done by implementing the same solid sleep/run schedule that was planned out for my friend Ryan O’Dell’s successful 200-mile solo run that I did 155-160 miles of it with him four weeks after my own 200-mile attempt. I always do the Finger Lakes 50K, because it is in the local race series (WNY Ultra Series), I am good friends with the race directors (as with most local RDs) and I will most likely get my VT 100 service hours volunteer there after I finish my race again if I can do VT. I will also be trying to add a few of new 100-mile runs to the list with the Old Dominion 100, Pine Creek Challenge 100, Viaduct 100, and Oil Creek 100, but I have to make some choices on those races. I have wanted to do Oil Creek 100 for a few years now, but it always has been the same weekend as the Canandaigua 50-Mile Around The Lake Run, which I have done the last six years and am currently in the hall of fame for that race for the second most number of finishes in that race’s history. Forunutely, those two races are not the same weekend for next year, so I will try to see about doing both of them in 2012.
As I said, I have the intention of racing as much as I can, it is what I like to do for many reasons – not just because I like to run, which I do, but because I enjoy the ultra running community and I want to see just what I am capable of – I would like to see if I have it in me to complete my goal of 100 100-mile runs. 

Proposed 2012 Race Schedule (some choices still to make)

February 21-22 
Beast of Burden 100-Mile, Lockport, NY
 - Registered (3rd in a row)

March 24-25 
NJ 100-Mile, Long Valley, NJ
 - Registering soon (will be 2nd)

April 7-8 
Philadelphia 100-Mile, Philadelphia, PA
 - Registered (Will be 2nd)

May 10-13 
McNaughton in Vermont 200-Mile, Pittsfield, VT
 - Registered (3rd)

June 2-3 
Old Dominion 100-Mile, Woodstock, VA
 - Need to decide on June race

June 16-17 
Mohican Trail 100-Mile, Loudonville, OH
 - Need to decide on June race

June 30 
Finger Lakes 50K, Hector, NY
 - Registration opens in January

July 7-8 
Viaduct Trail 100-Mile / 200-Mile, PA
 - Registered

July 21-22 
Vermont 100-Mile, Woodstock, VT
 - Registering if open still in January (6th in a row)

July 28-29 
Burning River 100-Mile, Akron, OH
 - Need to decide if possible with schedule (2nd)

August 18-19 
Beast of Burden Summer 100-Mile, Lockport, NY
 - Registering as soon as possible (3rd in a row)

September 8-9 
Pine Creek Challenge 100-Mile, PA
 - Still researching race

September 24-25 
Virgil Crest 100-Mile, Virgil, NY
 - Registering as soon as possible (4th in a row)

October 6 
Canandaigua Lake 50-Mile, Canandaigua, NY
 - Registering as soon as possible (7th in a row)

October 16-17 
Oil Creek 100-Mile, Titusville, PA
 - Registering as soon as possible


  1. YEAH JIM! GO GET IT! Come to Colorado soon!

  2. Aye, yer a beast, ye are Mr. Lampman.
    Good luck to ya. Amazing.
    Run Jim Run.
    Jim 2.

  3. nice, jim! i am looking forward to being out there with you again at BoB in JANUARY (not february, man!). bring on the baby food and we will get it done this time! and i would love to have you join me on the day after the 50s for a "recovery walk" removing markings, if you still need your service hours. until them, on, on!