Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thanks WoolSports!

I had wanted to wait to say anything official on here until I had heard back from the owner and everything. So...
I would like to formally say thank you to WoolSports for bringing me on board with their company as a sponsored athlete to proud use their great products. I am very excited to be involved with this awesome company for the upcoming year of racing. If you are not aware of this company you should definitely look into them and give them a try. They are a new company that is looking to bring the awesomeness of wool to the world of outdoor sports, including runners, cyclists, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
I found out about WoolSport through my boss, Dan Button, who had mentioned the locally owned company and had met the owner, Eric Lankford, some months back. The bicycle shop that I work at (Syracuse Bicycle, Syracuse, NY) had invited WoolSports our annual Bikes N' Brew (and Toys For Tots) Party back in December and we got to talking about everything we love about merino wool products, as I told him at every given time I have at least two merino wool items on, if not many more. I told him how I have been running in the stuff year around for years now and that seemed to sit well with him, just telling the truth, I love the stuff. 
The owners live locally in Skaneateles, NY.  Their wool is 100% merino wool, imported from fully from New Zealand and Australia, and their products are made right here in United States, not an easy feat in these times. In 2011 WoolSports became the official sponsor of the Musselman Triathlon, Geneva, NY, which is a first for the race, who has never has a title sponsor before, but WoolSports just seemed like a good fit for the race.
I highly suggest picking up some of their wool products if you have the means, because you will not be disappointed. If you want to learn more about what they are about visit them online,  sadly their stuff in not available in brick and mortar stores yet, but maybe in the near future. Look for this company to grow exponentially in the next few years once people hear about it and try their stuff.

So,  I will be well layered for my runs in 2012 thanks to Woolsports. 

Thanks, Woolsports! Thanks Eric & Angie (and little one on the way)!

Woolsport's Website:                            Woolsports  
Woolsport's Facebook:                          WoolSports

Merino wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's naturally odor-resistant,
moisture-wicking, and quick-drying (you've never seen a wet, cold sheep!). Merino wool is
biodegradable and hypoallergenic because 18-and 19-micron fibers are below the sensitivity
of the human skin. It has a luxurious feel and is machine washable. Merino wool:
               is multi-climatic - it regulates body temperature.
               is breathable. Wool absorbs moisture and transfers it into the air - leaving dry layers 
               next to the skin.
               repels liquid (like rain).
               allows the body to retain warmth even when wet.
               does not hold odors.
               does not wrinkle.
               is flexible and tailors easily.
               retains shape.
               resists fire - wool will smolder, not burn.
               has a natural strength and elasticity that responds to the wearer's body movement.
               lasts by resisting wear and tear.
               is lightweight and durable.
               is biodegradeable.
               is renewable, sustainable, and natural. 
(WoolSports, 2011)

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